Administrative Job Descriptions

1. Functions of Administrative management

Depending on business field, functions of Administrative department in a company or in a Administrative service can include ones as follows:

· Establish, organize and manage information systems.

· Study and understand well legal requirements in relevant to the Company’s operations as well as ensure these operations are always in conformity with Law.

· Perform administrative and supportive activates for the business.

· Create, maintain and develop relationships with surrounding social community.

· Hold meeting as requested by the Company.

· Assign receptionists to welcome customers, indigenous as well as foreign business partners. Build up professional working behaviors in the company Culture to serve customers the best.

· Collect, analyze, summarize, record and communicate economic, social, commercial, legal and technology information to others, and timely report to the Board of Directors to make duly decisions.

· Prepare the best legal and administrative environment support for the production to be carried out smoothly.

· Keep secret documents and property of the Company.

· Be in charge of legal works; protect legal benefit for the company, and keep as archives legal documents of the Company.

· Coordinate with other departments to protect the company’s brand, logo, industrial design, product origin, invention, trade mark, and so on.

· In charge of receiving and sending official documents and records

· Classify and distribute official documents to departments for reference; provide documents as requested.

· Transfer official documentations, magazines and newspapers and reports to relevant departments.

· Type and make photocopy of assigned documentations, official documents and paper.

· Organize the documents and record to make archives; monitor the record rotation.

· Keep secret content of records, documents and so on.

· Manage the phone box and fax in accordance to the Company Regulations.

2. Job positions of Administrative department

Depending on quality and quality of the above functions, positions of Administrative department can include ones as follows:
• Secretary
• Administrative assistant
• Office assistant
• Office manager
• Administration manager
• Receptionist

3. Administrative job descriptions

To create samples of job description above, you should:

Identify functions of Administrative dept.
Setting up process/job instructions, detailed duties of each Administrative functions.
Assign each tasks for each position.
Write job description/job specification for each position.
Compare one by one and send them to board of directors for approval.

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