Online Administrative Jobs – What They Are All About

If you are among the many who are hoping to find a job that you can do from home and make good money doing it you have probably come across online administrative jobs. Before you jump right into an opportunity give this article a good look to determine if online administrative jobs are for you.

The Job: As an online administrative assistant, or “virtual assistant” you will be doing anything from typing, taking phone calls, transcribing, editing, database management and so on.

What You Need: An online administrative job you will require you to have a computer with a reliable internet connection, fax machine and a phone line that is dedicated to your job only.

Do I Need Experience? If you search long and hard you will find opportunities that require no experience (always check the legitimacy of them) but nine times out of ten, you will need some experience. Often times a background in customer service and administration is sufficient, however many companies are now looking for “virtual assistant” certification. This will make you far more marketable as an online assistant and will get you more money. One site that offers such accreditation is

How Does the Job Work: Generally you will be hired on a contractual basis. Most companies do not keep full time permanent virtual assistants. You can find jobs with companies that have special projects they are working on or have an overflow of work that needs to be completed. You will also need to be available to the company when you are needed so you may not be able to choose your own hours.

How Much Can I Make? Online administrative jobs can pay anywhere from $5 per hour (yes that’s right!) to $25 dollars per hour depending on your experience, qualifications and what you are hired to do.

Where Do I Look? The best sites to find online administrative jobs are, and You can choose the ones you wish to apply for.

What Should I Know First? Unfortunately it is rare and difficult to find actual online administrative jobs. Many of these so called “administrative” positions are masking the real nature of the job which is usually affiliate marketing. You may also see them under “data entry” and “article marketing”. You will be asked to write advertisements in the form of articles, classifieds, blog posts and so on. You will be given a link to provide to the reader (which is your affiliate link) and if they click on your link to buy, you get a commission. Don’t get me wrong, some people make a good living doing this, just don’t be disappointed when you were expecting a real administrative position and many turn out to be just this. However, real online administrative jobs do exist, they are just rare and hard to find.

Any Other Option? If you are determined to work for yourself, make your own hours and create a stable income you may want to look into having an online business. This option is very popular and the income potential is far greater than online administrative jobs. Many people start part time while still holding down their day job. This gives you the ability to grow your business in your free time, eventually to the point where you can quit your job outside the home.

Many people I know, myself included, have found great success this way. More information about having an online home business can be found at [] Fill out the form on the first page and then watch the video in step #3 on the second page.

Katrina Cole is an Internet Marketer and member of one of the Largest Internet Marketing & Mentoring programs. She is dedicated to coaching those who want to experience a Legitimate Internet Opportunity that will teach Top Online Marketing Techniques. For more information on how to create a successful Online Home Business or transform your existing one into a more profitable opportunity

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